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Bike Touring

PocketEarth: Detailed interactive worldwide maps which can be accessed online or offline. Saves on data roaming costs. Can import GPX files.

This is a must-have app for iPhone users. If you are travelling without a data plan it allows you to view maps offline. More than that - you can export a GPX file from mycycletour and load it to pocketearth! (Email the GPX file generated by mycycletour to yourself, then open it on your iphone in pocketearth). Your route is now on your mobile device and can be used without data charges. is a website dedicated to Bicycle Touring containing 2163 entries (as of April 2013) indexed by Location and Category so you can easily find exactly what you are looking for! The site has tips, website links, articles, tour journals and information from around the world.

This is a nice site with LOTS of great tips on cycling around the world. It covers a very broad range of topics and certainly worth a look.

Cycling community forum where people share in all things cycling. Post on a variety of topics, and also send private messages to other registered users. There is a general forum and specific areas for Racers, Products & Services, the 'Market Place', News & Suggestions and more.

This is a great place for people to post comments on all things cycling. Free to register, with an option for 'elite membership' which eliminates ads, increases private message space and more.

Cycle Canada (The Veloforce Corporation) is a Canadian company that organizes cycling activities. Our operations are located in Alliston, Ontario, just north of Toronto. We have been active since 1987 and the scope of our business includes Tour du Canada, Velo Hospitality, Cycle Canada Directory and more.

These are some great people who put on a number of organized tours in Canada. is a road travel reporting website, that provides users with the most up-to-date road traffic information in the U.K. Data is updated every 5 minutes using sensors placed on motorways and common A / B roads.

Gives a good view of traffic speeds along many of the main roads.

Bicycle Repair

Are you tired of searching the web to find your solution? Most web sites are not well structured and have too much text to read before finding your solution. Then you go to the garage to fix your bike and realize you have forgotten half of what you have read online. Bike Repair on your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad or Android device is the solution. You have your reference with you all the time.

I really like the idea of having bike repair information on a tablet or smartphone. Why? Because I can get to it while I'm on the road, and if I'm travelling internationally I don't need to burn roaming data minutes, or carry the weight of a book. This is a great app, and for the price well worth it.


Bike Locks. We all have to choose between weight and security. Here's an article from Australia on the best locks out there.

There's no "one size fits all". When I go on trips I never leave my bike in an open public area overnight. I find accommodations that are bike friendly. As a result I seem to get by with a medium security lock. How about you??

Geographic Information

World weather and climate information - This nation-wide website presents you with information about the weather and climate for almost every country around the world.

This is a great site to help you find out what the weather is likely to be like for a future trip you are planning. Weather is a big deal for cyclists - so better to be prepared!

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25 Jan 2015

Persuant to previous question, there is no "end" field, only start. Not a loop route. thxs again..
25 Jan 2015

Hate to have an issue, having been a registered user for but 29 minutes, but, in creating my route, Vic, Spain to Pau, France, my clicker seems to be stuck in Fist mode and will not release for clicks. Is there a field which I've activated incorrectly? Also, while I have your cyber-ear, is there an android app from which I can download maps onto a phone or tablet to manipulate offline while touring, that will be compatiable with the route I create? Thanks . Dave.
24 Jan 2015

The 3D flyover is OK, but is there a way to slow it down and fly much lower?.
30 Aug 2014

I answered this a while ago, but didn't update the post here. You can now delete routes. When the owner is logged-in there's a delete button on the route displayed. Deleted routes stay in the database but they are removed from the user's profile and are no longer searchable. If another user marks a route as a favorite it can still be viewed, but will be marked as deleted..
26 Jun 2014

Thanks Ray. I had avoided allowing deleting a route in case people mark them as favorites and then suddenly they are gone. I can think of a few alternatives that might solve this. On the naming routes, l could augment the current naming structure with a name. I don't want to eliminate the start/end point in the name entirely since that is really the best way for people to shop routes..
25 Jun 2014

Two things. 1) I'd like to be able to delete routes that I am no longer interested in. 2) I'd like to be able to name the routes myself..
25 Mar 2014

There were some difficulties after making some updates to the site last week, particularly with editing routes. I believe the problems have been resolved, but if you see any issues please email concerns
21 Jan 2014

I link routes together (from MyRoutes menu item) when my route is either very long, or in more than one contiguous piece (I took a train in the middle of a trip to skip some area). Now when you display linked routes it doesn't just give you a summary link to each of the linked routes - but gives the map of the whole route, and any pictures stored for the linked (sub) routes..
28 Jan 2013

The resource section provides general help information for the site, and also information for less experienced trippers. If you have comments to add, or questions you'd like to see answered put them here..